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rProcess Design Assistant Tools (rDAT)

All your solar project needs in one

rDAT will guide you through each project phase —
including design, quoting, and installation. Create a free account, unlocks additional functionality:-

-Save and edit projects
-Share designs with others
-Send orders to distributors 

Questions? Email us at info@rprocess.net

How rDAT Solar works

rDAT is an all-in-one platform for solar design & engineering:

Order and manage standardized solar projects, communicate with designers & engineers, and seamlessly integrate with your existing design & engineering efforts. Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way to ensure growth and success for your solar business.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Sign Up

Sign up for a free account to start creating solar projects and get instant quotes for plan sets, professional engineering reviews, and more.

Create Projects

Add the locations of your solar projects and upload information, from drawings & photos to sketches & notes.

Track and Download

Track the progress of your solar project on the rProcess platform, request revisions, then download and submit the completed project files.

Sample images of plan sets

rProcess plan set package

Now installers can purchase solar plan sets right from rDAT with a click of the button. Simply select the “Learn more about rDesign Assist Tool (rDAT) ” option at the top of the  page on your next Pitched Roof or Ground-Based Design Assistant project to request plans.
You can trust rProcess’s nationwide network of solar design and engineering firms for their guidance and support in delivering proposals, plan set drawings, and Professional Engineering reviews. Thanks to
this partnership, you can take advantage of deep discounts as well (~25% off most offerings).