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Capitalizing on the huge thrust and growth in Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing (ESDM), rProcess has established a vertical in PCB services under the brand rEmpower. This is based out of our Global Delivery center in Mysore, India, which is also branded as the IT hardware capital of India.

The rEmpower team has highly experienced and dedicated professionals who have several decades of combined industry experience.

We would like to present our capabilities and understand your requirements better to see what possibilities exist. Our team is regularly trained and upgraded with the latest tools and skills. We offer very flexible solutions according to your needs, which help our customers reduce both delivery time and competitive rates.

Please take advantage of our expertise and willingness to learn and adapt according to your unique requirements.

Our Mission

“To provide services of highest quality and deliver more value to our customers by combining our knowledge and expertise”

While all general standards are the same, each customer will be having unique and special requirements. We offer trained dedicated resources according to your needs on short/long term contracts. This team will become your own extended offshore capacity with lot of cost savings.

We provide high-quality and value-added services globally. Our mission is to make Engineering Solutions Simpler, Superior and Qualitative.

Our Advantages

We put great importance on quality and process to deliver the best to our clients. Our SMART program helps our esteemed clients in achieving their goals in a cost-effective, quick and trust-worthy manner. We have been working with multiple clients across the globe for the last 10+ years.




Assured Quality



Competitive Rates

Our Services

The services mainly include CAM and Product Engineering. services with the use of state of art software tools

RFQ Data Processing

Super-Fast support to your sales team

Pre-CAM data preparation

Quick delivery for your online orders

One up editing

Reduce turnaround time, error free jobs

Customer Panel creation

Ready data for CAM Panel

Panelizing for production

According to your production template

CNC data & route output

Production ready drill and route programs

RFQ Data Processing

Activity generally includes the following, however this is customized to each customer’s requirements:

  • Download and screen customer supplied electronic data (Gerber files, drawings, etc.)
  • Verify that the customer supplied information is complete and the job is well within the pre-set manufacturability limits.
  • Prepare and send a clarification note, as per an agreed template, if the information is in-complete or the job is not within the manufacturability limits.
  • Complete a quote request form by either remotely accessing the quote system in use, or in a pre-determined format that can be easily or automatically read.

Pre-CAM Data Preparation

Activity generally includes the following, however this is customized to each customer’s requirements:

  • Read customer supplied electronic data (Gerber files, drawings, etc.) in any recognized format.
  • Align all layers.
  • Re-name layers as per pre-determined naming conventions.
  • Assign layer attributes.
  • Drawn to flash pad conversions.
  • Contour drawn or filled areas.
  • Assign feature attributes.

One up editing


Activity generally includes the following; however, this can be customized to each customer’s requirements:

  • Check the double and overlapping drills.
  • Compare the drill counts with Gerber and specification sheet.
  • Check drill and slot tolerance as per the speciation.
  • Verify & Modify if necessary Drilldia modifications done.


Activity generally includes the following; however, this can be customized to each customer’s requirements:

  • The separation between segments.
  • Minimum track width.
  • Open trace/Hanging traces.
  • Power to ground short detection.
  • Annular ring verification.
  • Distance between holes to the copper segment.
  • Expose Trace.
  • Route to copper and score to clearances.
  • Sliver
  • Thermal air gap/spoke width.
  • Drill to copper plane spacing.
  • Plane shearing line width.
  • Mask annular ring for copper pad.
  • Expose trace.
  • Mask to copper spacing.
  • Legend width


  • Power ground optimization.
  • Signal layer optimization.
  • Teardrop creation.
  • Solder mask optimization.
  • Legend overlap.
  • Copper Balancing.
  • Etch Compensation

Customer Panel Creation


Activity generally includes the following; however, this can be customized to each customer’s requirements:

  • Do Palletisation as per the customer given pallet drawing
  • Venting pattern.
  • Add Fiducials/Mounting holes/any required features as per drawing if any.
  • Coupons for Control Impedance jobs

Special Product

  • Gold Finger
  • Controlled Impedance
  • Via-plug, Peelable mask, Carbon Ink

CNC data & route output​

Programming & Outputs

  • NC Drill and route programs.
  • Second stage drill program.
  • Counter bore/Counter /sink.
  • Panel with Tab route/Break out pips
  • Peck Drill/G85.
  • Control Depth Route.
  • Score Program.
  • Tool path generation.

We conform to the requirements of ISO 9001 certification which ensures our capability to follow these practices effectively:

  • Determine the needs and expectations of all interested parties 
  • Provide technical & management leadership
  • Address any change requirements, opportunities, and risks
  • Plan and control processes
  • Monitor and analyze results
  • Continuous improvements

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