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A fab roadmap for India

The global chip shortage provides India an opportunity to fill the vacuum in semiconductor manufacturing. There is much merit in the ‘commandment’ that one should never waste a good crisis. The world is in the midst of just such a crisis, with the semiconductor chip shortage disrupting electronics production and automobile manufacturing worldwide. This is […]

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Mysuru Semiconductor Fab

How $3 billion semiconductor plant is expected to transform Mysuru Experts believe the project will drive more investment to Mysuru, and lead to setting up of ancillary units and educational institutions The semiconductor plant is expected to generate 1,500 high-tech and high-calibre jobs, and about 10,000 ancillary jobs, according to K.S. Sudheer, General Manager, Karnataka

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VLSI Job Functions

VLSI stands for Very Large Scale Integration. It’s all about Integrated Circuit (IC) design. Usually, we call it a Chip design. Anyone who is planning to start their career in the VLSI semiconductor industry needs to have a better understanding of the jobs and growth opportunities in the VLSI domain. Is VLSI a good career? VLSI field is

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